Artisan Spotlight | Nature's Hype Granola, Your New Favorite Quarantine Snack!

Artisan Spotlight | Nature's Hype Granola, Your New Favorite Quarantine Snack!

Artisan Spotlight | Nature's Hype Granola, Your New Favorite Quarantine Snack!

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This week, Sweet Health is highlighting members of the Hengelh’s Honey community that are blazing their trails as artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs.
Please consider patronizing these individuals and their respective businesses throughout the upcoming holiday season. Supporting their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales is a great place to start!

Today's artisan spotlight features Nature’s Hype, a company that sells an all-natural granola product free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Nature’s Hype makes the best granola, period.

We love their cranberry and cinnamon raisin granola (both of which happen to be on sale now).

We value versatility and this granola is delicious alone, on top a smoothie bowl, in a parfait or any other way you see fit. The best part? All granola products are made with whole foods and their ingredients are clearly listed on their website! Their company slogan, "No junk. No joke." is truly befitting.

Keep reading to learn more about Nature's Hype from the company's founder, Earl Monkou and make sure you stock up on granola! Visit to learn more.

About Nature's Hype

Craft and/or Trade

Granola Curator

Mission/Purpose/Value Statement

Our mission is to empower and strengthen communities on their lifelong journey to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and wellness.

Vision: To assist in building a healthier you

What is the mark that you intend to leave on this world?

The mark I intend to leave is that Nature’s Hype is a company that produces high quality products and doesn’t cut corners. Nature’s Hype will be known for changing the lives of many through health education. Anything you eat will either build you up or break you down.

Which type of Hengelh’s Honey do you buy & how do you use it?

I’ve used HH for making Nature’s Hype granola. My favorite is the Raw summer honey.

Where can people find you &/or your work?

You can find Nature’s Hype granola at

DMV delivery options available. Nature's Hype ships across the United States.


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