Artist & Artisan Spotlight | Whimsical Black Girl by Spencer Stultz

Artist & Artisan Spotlight | Whimsical Black Girl by Spencer Stultz

Artist & Artisan Spotlight | Whimsical Black Girl by Spencer Stultz

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This week, Sweet Health is highlighting members of the Hengelh’s Honey community that are blazing their trails as artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs.
Please consider patronizing these individuals and their respective businesses throughout the upcoming holiday season. Supporting their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales is a great place to start!

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Our final Black Friday artisan spotlight features Whimsical Black Girl (WBG), the artistic brainchild of Spencer Stultz.

Spencer is a talented artist, artisan, and art advocate. She recently launched WBG tinspire and embolden Black women. Her ability to intertwine authenticity, affordability, and inclusion throughout the WBG brand is truly admirable. 

Needless to say, we love WBG and Spencer! We recently purchased a t-shirt and several pairs of earrings. Her handcrafted earrings were featured in our summer photoshoot, check them out below!


Whimsical Black Girl also features journals, puzzles, original artwork and is able to accommodate custom orders.


The Whimsical Black Girl online store reopens December 4, 2020, just in time for the holiday season. Keep reading to learn more about Spencer and Whimsical Black Girl!

Craft and/or Trade

Hi! I am Spencer Stultz, owner of Whimsical Black Girl. I’m a visual artist and artisan! I paint - mostly portraits of Black womxn - and sell fun items with my art on it such as journals, puzzles, t-shirts and more. I also make handmade statement jewelry.

Mission/Purpose/Value Statement

At Whimsical Black Girl, we seek to honor and embolden Black womxn through the products we create and sell. It is our goal to champion Black womxn through the promotion of creativity, authenticity and connection.

What is the mark that you intend to leave on this world?

I hope that the mark I leave on the world is full of beauty and light. I hope to be a reflection of the beauty and light that God is through the art that I create and through my interactions with the world. I know that is broad, but I believe that I can accomplish this in a variety of ways.

Which type of Hengelh’s Honey do you buy & how do you use it?

I LOVE Hengelh’s Summer honey so much! I prefer it in Moroccan Mint tea, where I add a heaping spoonful of the honey. Sipping it makes me feel like I’m back in Northern Morocco, drinking their signature beverage. I also have been working to take better care of myself (Aren’t we all?!), so one way that I continue this work on a small scale is loving up on myself with lots of baths and face masks. Hengelh’s Honey is an excellent addition to my Aztec clay mask because it keeps my skin from drying out too much since honey is a natural humectant.

Where can people find you &/or your work?

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, or why/how I do it, feel free to find me on Instagram at @whimsicalblackgirl. You can also head straight to my site; 


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