honey + self-care: turmeric & honey face mask

honey + self-care: turmeric & honey face mask

honey + self-care: turmeric & honey face mask

Heyyyy HH Community!

This post marks the official launch of the Hengelh's Honey blog! 

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We'll use this platform to discuss all things honey, self-care resources, and promote YOU. As we cultivate this community, we want to highlight inspiring artisans and entrepreneurs. If you're interested in future collaborations, please reach out and introduce yourself :)

Today, we're featuring a simple honey & turmeric face-mask to combat acne and eczema!

I  consider this mask a staple as my eczema flares up on my face causing flaky, itchy, and sometimes painfully blistered patches. Funnily enough, I discovered this concoction the summer that H & I first met and I was literally applying it daily because it made my skin GLOW.

Anyhow, the mask is easy to make, cost-efficient, and effective. It can also be stored for later as a spot treatment. So long as you don't add water, the mask can last indefinitely if stored properly (glass container + tightly sealed).

This is just one reason why we love honey, it's the ultimate self-care product. Honey can be used to enhance physical health in countless ways!

Remember, turmeric STAINS (and it will turn your nails yellow) so be careful when mixing and applying. I recommend wearing gloves and/or older clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty.

Let us know how it works and how you're using HH in your skincare routine :)




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