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Hengelh's Fall Honey

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Hengelh's Fall Honey is a community favorite because it helps cultivate health inside & out.

Our Fall Honey is sourced from a variety of goldenrod and aster flowers. 

This natural sugar alternative doubles as a luxurious skin treatment. Try using it as a moisturizing face mask or add cinnamon for an easy exfoliant. 

Health Benefits of Hengelh's Honey
  • Vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes remain in-tact
  • Anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Can help ward off allergies
  • Can help stabilize blood pressure
  • Can help balance blood sugar levels
  • Can boost immune function
  • Can help heal skin conditions
  • With proper preservation, it doesn't expire 

All Hengelh's Honey is sustainably sourced from bee colonies that collect nectar from pesticide-free flowers, creating honey that's just as sweet as it is pure. 

Hengelh's Fall Honey is never heated.

This honey tends to be a bit thicker as it crystallizes quickly.

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