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Hengelh's Honey is using honey to nurture healthy, selfless communities.

When I obtained my beekeeping certification, I quickly realized that young, people of color aren’t represented in the industry. I’ve thought about this for some time and believe it primarily boils down to lack of knowledge. Knowledge precedes representation.

People that look like me aren’t represented because the importance of bees and the industry is rarely presented and when it is, the information is often lackluster. Think back to your school days, do you recall learning about pollinators, let alone bees, and the world’s dependence on them? Neither do I. If you do, congratulations, but how much does this information drive your daily choices? For many, it doesn’t.

Bees are not only fascinating, but they’re crucial to human existence. Check this out...

  1. Natural, accurately preserved honey never expires.
  2. Disease, pesticides & various human influences are threatening bee populations.
  3. Commercial beekeeping operations are frequently family businesses that are handed down from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, we didn’t inherit a commercial beekeeping enterprise or generational wealth, but we’re laying a foundation for generations to come. While we don’t own our own bees (yet), I actively work with our supplier’s bees to ensure ethical practices. In the near future, we hope to own every aspect of our supply chain from the worker bees to the production facilities. With your support, revenues will be invested in the Hengelh's Honey vision and eventually fund land, hives, equipment, and community outreach programs.

Welcome to the HH community. 

Keep it real,

Hengelh & Rachel Ramirez