Pure Wildflower Honey


Pure Wildflower Honey is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Need to reduce your sugar consumption without sacrificing taste?

Hengelh's Wildflower Honey is a favorite among customers seeking sugar replacements for coffee, tea, and baked goods. 

All Hengelh's Honey is sustainably sourced from bee colonies that collect nectar from pesticide-free flowers, creating honey that's just as sweet as it is pure. 

While our customers love our delicious bee products they also love knowing that all products come from ethical suppliers that love bees as much as we do. We only partner with those who have the future of bees in their hearts and we only sell products that have been sourced from suppliers who employ ethical practices. The safety of our bees comes first. When the bees are safe, happy, and healthy, you can be too.

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